OOO Амкон

Durable repellent nanocoatings for PV modules which improve electrical productivity and protect surface from contamination.

“Dirt, dust, oil and water reduce solar power output by up to 40-50%” – The productivity can be raised by applying self-cleaning long-lasting nanocoating. It’s easy to apply and improve efficiency of solar panels by increasing energy output and saving costs for cleaning.


– Improving the efficiency – improves the sunlight transparency and raises electrical productivity up to 5%.
– Selfcleaning effect – Protects from dirt, dust, oil and water.
– Resistant to abrasion – protects from mechanical damages
– High water repellency – Hydrophobic contact angle 110-120
– Easy to use – Economical (about 10 ml per 1 sq/m)
– Long lasting effects – Up to 3 years

Categories: Solar Companies and Suppliers: Solar Cleaning & Maintanance Products

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