PVcase is a next generation PV software company. Driven by engineering know-how and cutting edge development team, we change the rules when it comes to solar design operations worldwide. Our customer base extends from Europe to North and South Americas, Asia and Australia, rapidly adding new customers with every software iteration.

PVcase’s approach to utility-scale solar layout design strives to become the new industry standard as the PV industry is forced to evolve in an environment with significantly reduced subsidies. Our focus on automation and accuracy from the very earliest stages of planning, incorporating 3D topographical data points to simulate the actual location of the solar plant, allows our customers to be able to compete for and win more projects by delivering greater yields.

PVcase’s automation plug-in for AutoCAD has already been used to design over 3 GW of projects by some of the world’s largest players in solar renewable energy. With our extensive experience in the solar design industry, we see other opportunities to optimize and create efficiencies in other aspects of the evaluation and planning of commercial and utility-scale PV projects and have several other products in the development process.

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